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3 Reasons Why your Laptop isn’t working

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If you’re a freelancer then you use your laptop every day.

It’s your lifeline and your connection to your clients. So when your laptop isn’t working you need to troubleshoot quickly. Here are some common reasons why your laptop isn’t working


This is one of the more serious reasons why your laptop may not be working. At Certified E Repair we are experienced in diagnosing and repairing cases of motherboard repair laptop. If you are an Apple user don’t worry, we can also help with MacBook Air logic board repair. Some of the common signs of a computer with a failing motherboard are shutting down after booting, increased system errors or blue screen are symptoms of a failing motherboard. The computer may freeze often or run very slow.

Update needed

Sometimes a simple update can drastically improve the performance of your computer. You can restart your machine and allow updates to be installed. Be sure to plug the computer into a power source and do the update at a time when you aren’t pressured with deadlines. Updates can sometimes take an hour or more to complete and your computer will not be operable during this time. Fortunately, when your computer comes back on you should be delighted by the improved performance.

Uninstall and disable startup programs

When you turn your computer on do you notice several programs open that you never started? You will need to stop these programs from starting automatically in order to increase the speed of your machine. Uninstalling programs that you don’t use can also free up memory and help your computer run faster.


At Certified E Repair we can help you with the complex and the simple computer repair task. Visit our site for a no cost quote.