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3 Reasons You Need to Keep your iPhone 6

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Apple’s iPhone 6 was released in 2015 but it’s still being sold.

This isn’t by accident, the iPhone 6 is a great model and if you still have one here are three reasons to keep it.

It’s durable

iPhone six is made with a sleek metal back rather than a glass back. Dropping your phone is inevitable but with iPhone six a drop isn’t the kiss of death for your device. You should still be cautious, the iPhone 6 is made with an aluminum metal back. While it’s durable, it’s not invincible and dropping your iPhone 6 can cause dents which can cause problems such as iPhone six no backlight. The screen of iPhone six should still be protected using a shatterproof protector and a sturdy case so that the phone screen can remain intact.

It has an audio jack

The newer model iPhones require Apple headphones. If you lose your Apple headphones then you’ll have to purchase more or an accessory called a dongle to give your phone the desirable audio headphone jack. Also, because the iPhone six comes equipped with a headphone jack, you can use your headphones and your charger at the same time which is convenient and simple. No more choosing between using your headphones or charging.

Repair is less expensive

No matter how well you take care of your phone sometimes you have to repair your phone due to regular wear and tear. Since the iPhone six is an older model phone the parts are not as expensive compared to newer models. Less expensive parts mean less expensive repair since repair costs consist of the price of repair and the cost of parts. You can save money by taking great care of your older model iPhone.


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