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3 Signs You Need to Get Your Motherboard Repaired

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Is your iPhone 6 not working as well as it has in the past? Well, it is always a better option to get your phone checked than to guess and try to fix whatever is wrong with your phone on your own. iPhones are extremely complex devices that should only be handled by professionals. Apple makes it very hard for people who are not certified professionals to fix their own devices, which is why you should come to get your iPhone 6 checked at Certified E-Repair. Here are 3 signs to look for that may suggest you need a motherboard repair iPhone 6.

  1. Look out for an unusual burning smell coming from your device. This is important to check because if your device is overheating, it can start to burn your motherboard. You want to make sure to bring your device in immediately if you start to smell burning coming from your phone.
  2. Your phone is randomly freezing. This is another important sign to look out for, because this may suggest your motherboard needs to be repaired. Your phone may be signaling to you there is something wrong with the motherboard if your phone is freezing. Always get your phone looked at if you start to notice it freezing often.
  3. Phone constantly feels hot after charging it or using it for short periods of time. This is not something phones normally do, which is why this is one of the easiest signs to detect there is something going on with your motherboard or fan. It is important to get this looked at right away. You always want to come in as soon as you notice this happening to your phone, waiting can severely damage your motherboard.

Hopefully, this improved your understanding of what signs suggest motherboard repair iPhone 6. It is important to take care of your phone, so these problems do not ever arise. No one is perfect, so we understand if there is damage to your motherboard and are here to help you. Do not hesitate to give us a call or come in and get your phone checked.