3 Things You Should Do to Make Sure Your iPad Lasts a Lifetime


3 Things You Should Do to Make Sure Your iPad Lasts a Lifetime

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iPads are very convenient. They are basically just a bigger version of an iPhone with a MacBook brain. It can be hard however to make them last a long time because they are such delicate devices and need special care. Here at Certified E-Repair, we are more than happy to help inexpensive but high-quality iPad repair just in case you accidentally mess up. We won’t judge you these devices can be very hard to keep safe. With that said, we’d also like to give you some advice on how to maintain your device to ensure its healthy longevity.

  1. Keep food and drinks away from your iPad. This is very important because any liquid substance that gets on an iPad can severely damage the motherboard. Though our service is affordable if this does happen it is still inconvenient to wait while it gets repaired. To avoid damage to your motherboard it is in your best interest to keep all liquid food and drinks away from this device.
  2. Do not leave your iPad on the charger. This step is important if you want to make sure that your iPad has great battery life. Sometimes leaving your device on the charger longer than it needs will be more harmful than helpful to your device. If you have left your device on a charger overnight and the screen does not come on, then contact us immediately.
  3. Buy a case. This is very important because iPad screens are extremely delicate and can shatter even if it takes a small fall. It is safer and in your best interest to buy a case for your iPad that is more protective than stylish if you wish to own this device for a long time.

We hope that these tips were of use to you, and do not ever be embarrassed to admit to us that you made a mistake. We will never judge our customers – we keep our service very professional. If you are looking for high-quality and affordable iPad repair, Certified E-Repair is the best place. If you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call today. Our mission is to provide quality service while also helping our customers with tips on how to avoid most preventable problems with their device. Come into our Certified E-Repair location today and let us take a look at your device.