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Apple logic board repair

5 FAQ’s About Apple Logic Board Repair

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Should I replace or repair?


If your Macbook has overheated, been exposed to liquids, has physical damage or is just old, it is likely that you have logic board problems. Apple will recommend that you replace the entire board which can be extremely costly. We recommend that instead of replacing your entire logic board, you opt for certified Apple logic board repair. Our team of technicians at Certified E-Repair are certified Apple technicians and we have found that most logic board problems can be fixed without replacement.


Not all Apple logic boards can be replaced. In the event that we determine a logic board is not repairable, we will recommend that it be replaced. We offer fast and professional replacement of the Apple logic board with original parts.


How do I know I need logic board repair?


If your Macbook is showing any of the following signs, you need Apple logic board repair:

  • Macbook is not turning on
  • Macbook does not stay on
  • Macbook will not charge
  • Macbook only works when plugged in
  • Macbook responds sporadically


How can I find good repair?


Look no further! We are Certified E-Repair located in Marietta, Georgia. We accept MacBooks from walk-in customers or you can mail your machine for repair. We are certified Apple repair technicians and so we use original Apple parts. We are highly rated by our clients, because our work is fast, professional, and high quality. Check out the amazing feedback from our clients on Yelp and Google.


What is the cost of Apple logic board repair?


We offer affordable Apple logic board repair, but since each repair is unique we begin the process with a quote. You can get your quote by visiting our website at www.certifiederepair.com and click “contact us” from our menu and request a repair quote. We will respond to your quote within 24 hours or less.


How I can protect my Apple logic board from future damage?

Macbooks are reliable and durable, but over time these computers do experience hardware problems. Normal maintenance of your Macbook is not as scary as it seems when you choose professional Apple logic board maintenance.