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Benefits of Micro Soldering

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As our technology advances, the pieces that make devices are becoming more and more complex. It is now harder than ever to complete at-home repairs, especially with Apple devices. Because these pieces are so small, they require a special technique called micro soldering. This is a service that not every repair shop offers. If you search for micro soldering near me, there will be very few results other than us here at Certified E-Repair. Our professionally trained technicians are qualified in providing micro soldering services. Here are a few benefits of micro-soldering.

Micro soldering allows us to fix shorted out charging coils.

Most repair technicians are unable to repair burnt out charging coils, but this is something we have mastered at Certified E-Repair through the process of micro-soldering.

Some places may tell you that your device is beyond repair, but we are able to do a lot more work than other companies with micro soldering.

If you ever come across a technician who tells you to just give up on your damaged device and buy a new one, ask them if they are trained in micro soldering. Most times the process of micro-soldering alone can fix the damage cheaper than you having to buy a new device.

Apple will overcharge you for this service.

Because this service is so rare and not offered by most technicians Apple finds a way to overcharge you the repairs that they do use micro soldering. However, here at Certified E-Repair, our service is extremely affordable and some of the best quality you will ever receive from technicians. Big companies like to take advantage of their customers and overcharge them for this service but there are places like Certified E-Repair that are affordable and will not use you for your money.


Micro soldering can be a very confusing concept. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what the benefits of micro-soldering are. It is important to us that our service is of high quality to you and affordable. If you have any questions regarding your device’s damage or micro-soldering feel free to give us a call today.