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Black Friday Electronic Care

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It is finally fall! You know what that means…Black Friday is right around the corner!

This is one of the most widely celebrated national events. If you’re not familiar with Black Friday, it is the event celebrated after Thanksgiving where many businesses hold their biggest sales. Last year over 154 million people participated in this incredible event. The best part of Black Friday is being able to get holiday presents for discounted prices. Let’s be honest, it’s 2018 and the most desired presents right now are Apple products. You would be the greatest aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, sister etc. if you were to get someone an Apple product. With that said there are some precautions you should take when handling your new gift. These will further be explained in the bullets below.


  1. Handle your device with great care. Even though you might be very excited to have just received the newest iPhone this holiday be careful because most Apple devices are pretty delicate. If you do happen to crack your iPhone screen, do not try to fix the screen by yourself. It is likely that you could replace the screen the wrong way and end up with no image after screen replacement.
  2. Invest in a case right away. Accidents happen all the time and everyone can be a little clumsy sometimes. To avoid a drastic disaster of damaging your new technology take the precaution to buy a case. Cases will prevent most accidents from damaging your device.
  3. Keep food and drinks away from your device. I know we all get busy and want to drink our fall festive drinks around our laptops but if something were to happen and your drink spilled you could damage your entire computer. If this were to happen you’d have to invest in a MacBook motherboard repair.


With these precautions in mind, hopefully you take extremely good care of your new technology. There should be no image after screen replacement problems and hopefully, no MacBook motherboard repair needed! Just remember to handle your device with a significant amount of care, buy a case, and keep your pumpkin spice latte away from your device. If you happen to mess up (we all do) don’t hesitate to turn to Certified E-Repair. We can handle almost every technological device repair you may need. Visit us at