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Can Microsoldering Restore my device?

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There are cases in which micro soldering is necessary to repair a damaged iPhone, here are a few.

  1. iPhone won’t turn back on

If your iPhone is simply not turning on it could be a case that requires microsoldering to repair. Often iPhone users decide to open their iPhone in an attempt to self-diagnose and repair a problem. The iPhone has several very small components, some of which are adhered directly to the logic board of the phone. The remedy is often only found by searching microsoldering repair near me, and speaking with our team at Certified E- Repair

  1. Touch Screen loses functionality

The charging port of the iPhone is connected directly to the logic board of the iPhone and directly beneath the iPhone screen. If you use third party chargers which can be purchased for a few dollars at gas stations, then you could be causing damage to your charging port, logic board and ultimately your screen. An iPhone that loses touch screen functionality will need more than just simple screen repair, microsoldering may be the only way to get the job done right.     

  1. Backlight very dim or completely out

The backlight of the iPhone is another component that will require microsoldering to repair. Most iPhone users opt out of AppleCare+ protection plans which means taking your iPhone to the Apple store for repair could cost as much as $549. This fee won’t always guarantee that your device is fixed, most times Apple will recommend that you put the funds and the broken device towards the purchase of an upgraded phone. They will repair and resale your device as refurbished. 


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