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Choosing the right shop for laptop repair

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It may be frightening to need a quote for your damaged laptop.

Luckily here at Certified E-Repair, our mission is to make sure you understand that our trained professionals are certified in repairing laptops the same way Apple technicians are. Why pay more for something when you can save money at Certified E-Repair? To make things even simpler, we want to make sure you know what the average laptop repair quote is for specific damage repair. The average cost for battery service at Apple for a MacBook is approximately $200 dollars. This can be a hefty, unexpected cost, but you have options. You can get the same job done at Certified E-Repair for a lower cost, with the same quality. Here are some more benefits of getting your laptop repaired with Certified E-Repair.

We are speedy.

Apple technicians have to fix thousands of devices a day, which means there can be long lines and long waiting times. If you want speedy service trust us at Certified E-Repair to fix your device and return it to you as soon as possible. We understand how important it is for you to have your laptop back quickly.

Our technicians are trained in microsoldering.

At Certified E-Repair we are certified in this procedure. This is an important technician skill because it allows us to do our job diligently and without damaging other parts of your computer. This is also one of the reasons why most people can not fix their laptops on their own. This takes a lot of professional training and if you are not trained in this you could seriously damage your computer more.


If you are looking for a less expensive way to get your laptop serviced, we can help you get your device back to excellent condition for less. We care tremendously about your satisfaction. Give us a call today at  770-509-4802 to get started.