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Hidden Dangers for Your iPhone

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Owning an iPhone is a luxury that many treasure.  

The sleek design and innovative user interface is the perfect companion for those who appreciate powerful and easy to use technology. It is a well-known fact that iPhones are fragile, so you go out of our way to protect your device. Did you know you could be unknowingly causing damage to your phone? Read on to learn more about hidden threats to your iPhone.


  1. Cheap Third-Party Chargers

We’ve all been in an emergency situation with a low phone battery. Since most of us depend on our phones for navigation and communication, we keep a charging device in our car at all times. While it is tempting to buy a cheap charger from a local gas station, it is important to understand the damage these chargers cause to iPhones. These chargers are not Apple certified and often have variations in design. Use of these accessories can cause UC charging IC damage which can affect your ability to charge your battery and damage the functionality of the power button. Always use Apple certified chargers to avoid this type of damage.


  1. Water Damage

There are many myths about the iPhone being completely waterproof. According to Apple iPhone 7 models and later, it’s splash, water, and dust resistant. It is important to understand that water resistance is not the same as waterproof. Apple advises the avoidance of liquid damage through swimming, steam rooms, and submersion. Subtle liquid damage can also occur through the long-term use of waterproof cases, contact with sweat, and use in humid conditions. It is best to protect your iPhone from all exposure to liquids.  


  1. Small Cracks

A small crack may seem harmless, but over time the crack will expand as it accumulates dirt and residue. Small shards of glass will also begin to loosen as additional drops and falls occur. The potential risk of screen immobility increases over time, as the damaged phone is continued to be used.  


Avoid damaging your phone by using certified Apple chargers, protecting your phone from liquid damage, and fixing small cracks before they spread. Certified E-Repair is your choice for Marietta iPhone repair, including UC charging IC, water damage recovery, and screen repair.