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How To Make Sure Your Laptop Lasts A Lifetime

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Laptop accidents happen to everyone, no matter how careful you are.

Do not feel like you’re cursed if your luck just has not been on your side this year. If you have dropped your laptop and invested your savings money in a motherboard repair laptop but got home and with your motherboard repair no display then you may feel defeated again. Certainly, though the least we can do here at Certified E-Repair is help you out with your damaged technology. It can be extremely frustrating to continuously pay for repairs on your computer. Here are some tips to follow that will keep your computer accident free.

  1. Keep any and all liquids off the table when your laptop is out.

One of the main causes of needing a motherboard repair laptop is because your motherboard was damaged by an outside substance. Laptops are not meant to get wet even if you have a case for it. It is best to just keep your drinks away from your laptop while it is out.

  1. Do not keep your laptop on top of your covers while using it.

It can be extremely comfortable to watch shows on Netflix or Hulu in your bed while cuddled up in your covers. A lot of people do not know that this can actually be really damaging to your laptop’s fan. The benefits of having a laptop stand for your bed outweigh how pricey these stands can be. If you are looking to improve the longevity of your laptop you should definitely consider this tip.

  1. Keep up with your updates.

Your computer starts to run slow if you continue to skip the system updates. This can be extremely frustrating if you are a student and have lots of assignments to complete throughout the year. Your laptop should stay up-to-date on all of the updates even if they require some of the time to complete.


If you feel as though you are cursed, these tips should be extremely helpful in gaining your luck back. A motherboard repair laptop remedy can be extremely expensive and something you shouldn’t have to pay for if you follow these tips. If you do happen to damage your motherboard you can always contact us at Certified E-Repair, and we will be happy to assist you.