Iphone 6 recall battery What's Wrong With my Battery Life?


Iphone 6 recall battery What’s Wrong With my Battery Life?

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If you have an iPhone 6 recall battery could be affecting the performance of your phone.

Well, there are many explanations for this and not all of them are your fault. Most iPhone critics are quick to say that iPhones are worse than Androids because of the battery life, but these critics do not really understand all of the factors that go into having a good battery life. So if you are wondering how to improve your iPhone 6 battery life continue reading along. Here at Certified E-Repair, we care tremendously about your happiness with your device. Here are a few steps you can take to improve your battery life.

1. Close apps after you are done using them.

It is important that you take this step because running apps drain your battery quickly and are extremely bad for the vitality of your device. These apps will run in the background while you’re not even on your phone and destroy your fully charged battery.

2. Manage your time on apps that use your camera.

Most apps nowadays have an option for you to use your camera. Some of these apps include Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. These are extremely popular among many Americans but a lot of people don’t realize that extra time spent on these apps drains your battery faster than texting. Although Snapchat is a convenient way to chat with your friends, it drains your battery almost 3x as fast as just using the stock texting app.

3. Go get your iPhone battery checked.

If after taking these two steps above for about a week you are still experiencing a very short battery life, consult with a Certified E-Repair technician and they will help you get to the bottom of why your phone is dying so quickly. Earlier this year there was an iPhone 6 recall battery because so many people were experiencing the same problems you might be experiencing with a faulty battery. If you feel like this recall applies to you do not hesitate to contact us at Certified E-Repair for help changing your battery.

It is important that you take these steps before coming to the conclusion that Apple just does not make good products. Their products are extremely valuable and you can get the best out of them if you take proper care of your device. Also if you do have an iPhone 6 and have a faulty battery, the iPhone 6 recall battery can be replaced right here at Certified E-Repair.