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Is My Phone Out of Power or Something Else?

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It’s fall! What does that mean?

Depending on where you live, there are lots of fun activities to do right now like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. If you love the cold weather you will find lots of fun outdoor activities to invest your time. Because of the popularity and necessity of technology, you will most likely bring your phone with you on these adventures. With that said there are many precautions you should take or you may end up having to ask Santa for a new device for winter. Here are some activities that maybe you should consider ditching your phone and leaving it behind in a secure place.


You may really want to bring your phone with you up and down the gondola as you go skiing or snowboarding down the hill. However, if you are not careful your iPhone could get too cold which has many damaging effects to it. You could risk damaging your battery life and making it so that your iPhone has no power for half the day. If you drop your iPhone in the snow you could also risk killing your motherboard. A phone with no power dead motherboard and unresponsiveness is not an inexpensive problem to have.

Ice Skating.

You should not bring your phone with you while ice skating even if you want to get the perfect Instagram photo taken. Which do you think would win in a fight between an iPhone and rock-solid ice? Once again, you’ll find yourself in a situation with no power dead motherboard and unresponsiveness.

It is dangerous to take your devices with you on fall outings like these without the proper protection. You could end up coming home with a very damaged phone and have to explain to a technician the embarrassing story of how you damaged your phone. If you don’t heed these precautions, our certified technicians right here at Certified E-Repair can assist you!