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It’s Just A Small Crack – Phone Damage Myths Explained!

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Just as your windshield protects you from outside elements entering your car, your phone is protected by the screen.

So when a small crack happens in your windshield or your phone, it is best to get the problem fixed before it causes further damage. Read on to learn about the havoc a small crack can wreak on your phone.

  1. It will spread

The small crack in your screen will soon become a large crack. The damage can be minimized by acting fast. Don’t wait until the crack spreads and destroys your entire phone. Certified E-Repair specializes in phone repair, Marietta voted us number one! Cracked screens are no match for our team of skilled technicians.

  1.  Dislodged glass

Glass from your phone can easily become dislodged when your phone has a small crack. No matter how small the crack is, small shards of glass can become dislodged. The loose glass can easily cut your hands or face as you use your phone. Don’t wait until for a painful situation to occur. Be proactive with your safety and phone repair. Marietta based Certified E-Repair is your go-to technician!

  1.  Damage to internal component

Your phone’s only line of defense from external elements is the screen. Micro sized dirt and bacteria can easily make its way into the small cracks of your screen. This small dirt can cause damage to the sensitive internal components underneath your screen. No matter how small the crack, there is dirt even smaller that can make its way inside.

It is easy to overlook a cracked screen as small damage, but the potential for the crack to spread, glass to dislodge, and damage to occur on internal components is there. Save the headache of dealing with further problems. No matter how small the crack is we can fix it and restore your phone back to its original aesthetic. We offer online appointment setting and fast reliable service. When it comes to phone repair Marietta always chooses Certified E-Repair!