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iPhone 5
No power solution: $125-$175
Backlight repair: $75-$125
Pry-Damage repair: $75-$100
FPC connector repair: $89
Tristar repair: $89 (not offered on i5)

iPhone 6
No power solution: $125-$175
Backlight repair: $85-$135
FPC connector repair: $85
Tristar repair: $99 (not offered on i5)
Touch disease repair: $100

iPhone 7
No power solution: $125-$175
Backlight repair: $85-135
FPC connector repair: $85
Tristar repair: $99
No audio repair: $135

Air charge port repair: $100
Mini FPC connector repair: $65
Mini charge port repair: #125
Gen 1-4 FPC connector repair: $100
Backlight repair: $90-135

Pro/Air board repair: $150-275


The circuit board in your cell phone is made up of several small, complex parts that essentially come together to make your device work on a daily basis. Should one of these components become broken or damaged, the only solution is micro soldering. There is no other effective way of getting into and repairing these tiny pieces without causing further damage to the device itself.


Because of the size of the mechanisms in the circuit board, it takes quite a bit of knowledge, skill and experience to get the job done. Not to mention a specialized highly expensive micro soldering machine is necessary to the whole process. The small device is cube-shaped and has different extensions for an array of situations and is adept at allowing the wielder to take out and replace very slight chips and other pieces.


Micro soldering allows the shop to be able to effectively repair everything from broken screens to damaged motherboards, suddenly deeming inaccessible parts of devices within the scope of “fixable”. It seems there is nothing micro soldering can’t help repair!


This technique got its start overseas originally, but with the ever increasing importance and demand of smartphones, it has become popular in the US as well. But it requires training and focus to be able to work within such a small environment and many shops are not willing to make the investment.


Certified Electronic Repair has the training, equipment and knowledge necessary to use micro soldering to repair smartphones that would otherwise be relegated to the trash bin. No one ever wants to be without their phones in this day and age, especially for long periods of time. That’s why Certified Electronic repair can get you fixed up and on your way as quickly as possible. When it comes to micro soldering, trust in the experts!

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Guerry M Jr.