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Myths About Repairing an iPhone

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There are a lot of myths out there about repairing broken devices like iPhones.

Lots of these myths come from people who are sitting on their couch without any real knowledge on how to repair a device correctly. A lot of these people take pleasure in writing fake articles about topics they are not trained in and watch people blindly follow them. However, this is a serious matter. There are reputable companies that provide cell phone repair Atlanta that are easy to find if you just search for them. Here is a list of myths to stay away from if your iPhone has recently been damaged.

Replacing my screen at home will not damage my phone.

False! Not only can you severely damage your iPhone to the point of no return, but you can also risk injuring yourself. Our professional technicians know how to replace your screen using a method that will be more helpful than harmful to your device.

If your phone has water damage just stick it in a bag of rice.

This is not going to help your phone long term or if at all. Sure, rice is able to soak up most of the water that has gotten into your phone, but after doing this your iPhone may still not be able to work as well as it once did. You may notice that it shuts off randomly or does not respond to your commands, and this may be due to water damage to your motherboard which we can help you fix.

It’s okay if I damage my phone because I can just buy a new one.

This is kind of true, if you can afford purchasing new phones frequently. However, if you are like the majority of America you may understand that just buying another iPhone can be extremely expensive. Most of the time the damage to your iPhone can be repaired by professionals as long as you have it serviced by reputable technicians.


It is important to fact check when it comes to repairing your iPhone. There is no need to risk further damage, contact Certified E-Repair today for help!