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Pumpkin Spice And A New Device

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When the air starts to feel a bit icy and sitting by the fireplace becomes your new hobby it is guaranteed that fall has begun.

What could be better than drinking a pumpkin spice latte and scrolling through blogs on a Sunday morning, while listening to the fall playlist on Spotify? Well, if you’re not sitting at a table with your latte on the opposite side of your laptop this could be a very dangerous and costly setting to have around your technology. If your pumpkin spice latte were to spill what would you do? Here are some things you should not try.

Do not try to plug in your device.

If you spill your latte all over your computer and the screen turns off, do not assume that your computer might have just powered off from a low battery. If you try to plug your device in after it has been seriously damaged by the spill, you could risk damaging the charging circuit even more and then you would have and have to invest in a charging circuit repair.

Control Alt Delete will not magically fix your computer.

If you spilled a significant amount of your latte on this device you may have to deal with more technical problems. This may take a professional to help because this is not a do-it-yourself job. Do-it-yourself blogs can not instantly train you on how to do a MacBook motherboard repair.

Don’t deal with it later.

It is important to act fast if you spilled some type of liquid on your computer. Without a quick MacBook motherboard repair, it could cause further damage to your laptop. The more damage your computer has the more costly it will be to get it repaired. There are certified professionals that can help fix your device quickly, and sooner than later.


We know it may be pumpkin spice season but be careful with your fall festive drinks because a small or large spill could have pretty devastating effects on your laptop. There are certified professionals out there whose job is to help everyday people with the damage they’ve done to their devices. At Certified E-Repair, we have some of the most qualified professionals to help you with your technology problems. Visit www.certifiederepair.com today if you’re having issues with your computer or a lingering problem with your computer because of a spill.