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Signs of a Botched Phone Repair

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In America, the cell phone is the most common technology device.

Everyone has one and no one can live without it. Even small children are equipped with the latest devices. The rise of the cell phone has also resulted in the rise of the cell phone repair business. Consumers are trusting their most important technology to be repaired by skilled phone technicians, but sometimes when you google “phone repair near me,” you find not all phone repairs are created equally. Here’s how to tell if you’ve been botched by a cell phone repair company.


  1. Screen Problems

When you pay for phone screen repair you expect your screen to have full functionality after the repair, but if you see no image after screen repair, you’ve been botched. Often unskilled phone repair technicians will damage the connectors that join the screen to the motherboard of the phone. This damage can cause no image after screen repair or an unresponsive touch screen. In order to fix this damage, a certified phone technician will have to access the phone and properly repair the device.


  1. Technician Pry Damage

If your phone has small pry marks on the sides where the screen connects to the phone, your phone has suffered technician pry damage. This damage is not only unsightly, but also extremely bad for your phone. Small dirt particles can easily become jammed in the open space of the phone caused by the technician pry damage. This dirt can cause problems with the phone’s motherboard and eventually lead to more costly repair. If your phone has technician pry damage our team at Certified E-Repair can fix this problem.


  1. Short Circuit

If your phone randomly responds with and without touch, you may have a short circuit. The tiny wires in the phone are extremely delicate. If these wires are not handled with care, they can easily become damaged, causing your phone to short circuit. A phone with a short circuit may act like a ghost is controlling it, as it randomly responds with or without touch.


Avoid these types of unnecessary repairs by choosing certified phone repair technicians. Our team at Certified E-Repair are certified in repairing Apple, Windows, LG, Samsung, and Android phones. We pride ourselves on providing the best cell phone repair services. Visit us and learn why.