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Spring Cleaning Calls for iPad Repair

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Spring Cleaning is a tradition that helps us make room for the new and clear our space of the old.

If you are thinking of throwing out that iPad with the cracked screen and purchasing a new device, we encourage you to think twice. iPad repair is not as expensive as iPad replacement cost. At Certified E-Repair we can bring your broken electronics back to like. Here’s how we do it.

Our professionals are trained in microsoldering.

Microsoldering allows us to fix your cracked screen with great precision. This technique is also useful in repairing any other damage done to your device. Unlike other companies, we will make sure that when your device is returned to you it works just like how it should.

Our prices are reasonable.

We will never overcharge you for damage done to your device because we understand that you have other expenses that you must pay for as well being in college. You can always come in for a free estimate on how much the repair for your device will be and determine from there whether or not you’d like to pursue this opportunity.

We have a very friendly staff!

We take customer service very seriously. Our main goal is to make sure you leave us feeling pleased with not only the service we’ve provided but your overall experience with our staff. Come in and you will see for yourself just how kind our staff is!


We understand that accidents happen. It is important though that you do not get overwhelmed by an iPad replacement cost that you’ve found online. There is still hope that your iPad can be repaired. An iPad repair is a lot cheaper than getting an entire replacement and should be done by highly trained professionals.