Tablets for Kids: 3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Have One


Tablets for Kids: 3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Have One

  |   Certified E-Repair

Many parents are on the fence about allowing their children to use tablets.

While it’s always important to use your own judgement regarding technology and your children, here are a few reasons why we support tablets for kids. 

Connection & Communication

Technology is a powerful tool that connects, educates and entertains us. Children can enjoy these benefits as well if they have their own tablets. It’s great for connecting with out of state grandparents, aunts and uncles using Apps like Skype or Facebook Messenger. The great thing about using tablets for connection and communication is that children get to have close relationships that they otherwise would not have had due to distance. Whether it’s a call from Dad while he’s out of town on business or singing Grandma happy birthday. These priceless moments can be made possible with technology.


Kids with tablets don’t have to be YouTube Zombies. While YouTube does have some great educational resources there are also games and apps that can be used to help your child learn. It’s important to create healthy time limits so kids aren’t having too much tablet time. It’s also a great opportunity to teach kids how to handle their tablet with care. While this might mean a cracked screen from time to time, and a visit to Certified E Repair for iPad repair, it’s never too early to start blending education and technology.


Let’s face it, there comes a point in each day when you just need a break. Maybe it’s just 10 minutes for a shower or 30 minutes for a business call, it’s so much easier to step away when your children are entertained. Again, it’s important to monitor time and activity while your child uses the tablet but rest assured that it’s okay to use the device as an entertainment option while you take a moment to yourself.


Having a balance schedule with various activities including time for technology has benefits for children. If you are interested in iPad repair for your child’s device visit us online at for a fast and free repair quote.