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What Apple Does Not Tell You about Your iPhone 6 Battery

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Has your iPhone 6 battery life been frustrating you?

Well don’t panic because there are some things you can do right now to improve your battery life. We want to give you a few tips to improving this yourself but also understand that if you have any concerns with your battery do not hesitate to come into our store to get your phone checked. Come in immediately if the back of your phone becomes extremely hot. This can be dangerous and should be taken care of by professionals. There has recently been an iPhone 6 battery recall, and if after trying these steps your phone is still dying quickly you should bring it in and we will take a look at it for you. Here are some tips to improve your battery life.

  1. Close out of all open apps you are not using.

One of the coolest features of having a smartphone is having the ability to download apps. However, this may be maladaptive to the battery life of your phone. It is important that you close out of all apps you are not using because they will cause a low battery problem if your apps are open in the background.

  1. Limit the amount of time you spend on apps that use your camera.

A lot of smartphones have batteries that die quickly.  This is caused by using apps that require the use of your camera. These include apps like Snapchat, a very popular app, that uses a lot of battery life. it is usually unknown to the user how much battery life is required to run these application. Remember to close these applications when they are not in use.

  1. Lower your screen brightness.

This can prolong the life of  your battery. It is important that you turn your brightness down when you do not need your phone to function at a high level of brightness. This simple step can help increase battery life on your phone.  If you are unable to charge your phone in a reasonable amount of time, consider setting your brightness lower than you normally would.


If you have tried all of these helpful tips and still are unsatisfied with your iPhone 6 battery life you should schedule some time in your day to bring it to us. Our professional staff will take a more in depth look at the problem that you may be experiencing with your phone and determine whether or not your iPhone 6 battery recall should be replaced. Contact us today at 770-509-4802 or visit our website to make an appointment certifiederepair.com/contact.