What to Do if Your Laptop Will Not Display an Image


What to Do if Your Laptop Will Not Display an Image

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A damaged laptop may cause you a lot of anxiety and the first thing most people ask themselves after realizing their laptop is damaged is, how do I fix this? Do not worry just yet. There are a couple of things to try before determining whether or not your device is just dead or there may be a bigger problem. Most times people get concerned their laptop is damaged when they charge it all night and wake up to use it and it does not display any information. Though there are a couple of things to try before bringing your laptop in to get checked out, it is never a bad idea to just bring it to one of our Certified E-Repair technicians immediately instead of googling “how to fix motherboard no display.” Here are a couple of things to double check before concluding that there is damage done to your laptop.

  • Make sure your charger was plugged into the wall. With our busy schedules in the day, this is often something that is overlooked when we arrive home exhausted and ready for bed. There is a good chance that the wall plug for your laptop may have fallen out or not been connected to a power source, though you thought it was. If you are certain your plug was connected to a wall outlet, but your device still did not charge, try using your plug on another laptop. This method will let you know if it is your plug that is not working or your entire device.


  • Feel the temperature of your device. If you left your device out in a hot summer car while running errands your device may have likely overheated. This is a problem that can sometimes resolve itself after its been placed in a more moderate temperature, however, overheating your laptop can severely damage your motherboard. When the fan is unable to cool down your system, the motherboard can malfunction, and you will need to bring your device in to get fixed.


If you are concerned that there may be something wrong with your device and have googled “how to fix motherboard no display,” out of pure desperation to fix your device, do not hesitate to come into our Certified E-Repair location to get your laptop fixed. This is the most cost-effective and efficient way to make sure your laptop is repaired with high-quality service.