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What to expect: Computer Repair Edition

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If your computer were to suddenly stop working, you’d want fast and straightforward computer repair services to get you back online.

That’s exactly what we provide at Certified E Repair, and our standard of service has earned us the title of best computer repair tech in Marietta. Read on to learn more about how we work.

Fast and free quotes

We begin the process by providing a free estimate computer repair or a simple pricing guideline. Our laptop repair quote is fast and accurate. Simply tell us what is going on with your device in as much detail as possible and we will provide a repair estimate. Our estimates can change based on the time spent and the parts needed to repair your device, but we always communicate any price change before ordering parts or proceeding with the repair. There will be no surprise bill when you come to pick up your device.

Speedy turnaround

We pride ourselves on providing speedy service. You won’t have to be without your laptop for long when you choose Certified E Repair because we understand that whether you are a student or a professional, your computer is your lifeline. You shouldn’t have to spend months wondering if your computer will be finished or if something’s gone wrong during the repair. We keep the communication line open so you will always know the status of your repair.

A job well done

The measure of a technology repair business is based on its ability to fix devices. Our goal is for you to be so happy with your device that you don’t have future problems. We also want you to tell your friends about how amazing your experience was. Our business has experienced great success simply by doing a good job.


If you’re ready to entrust your laptop in the hands of our team at Certified E Repair we are here to help. Visit our website today to get your laptop repair quote.