When You Should and Should Not Contact Tech Support For Your Device


When You Should and Should Not Contact Tech Support For Your Device

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Things happen and no one is perfect.

The average American has dropped their phone at least once since getting it. It is just a commonly shared fact. Most of the time our phones just slip, whether it was our fault or not. We all get the same stomach dropping feeling when the device hits the ground. Those 3 seconds where the screen is facing the ground and we have to flip it around to check if it’s cracked are the most anxiety-provoking minutes of our lives. So, say you flip it and it’s okay! Phew right? Now say you flip it and the screen damage is unbearable! This is terrifying because we all know how expensive these devices are without repairs. Most screen repairs can be very costly. But here are some reasons why the benefits of getting a screen repair outweigh the cost.

  1. Trying to work around a broken screen can be very dangerous. It is easy to get cut when your screen is barely holding itself together. This is not a very pleasant feeling that anyone enjoys in particularly.
  2. A small cracked screen can turn into a shattered screen if it goes unfixed. You may think you’re safe because after dropping your phone you only notice a small scratch on the screen. As the weather starts to change the barometric pressure in the air can affect the small crack and make it spread across your entire screen. Fixing that small crack would have been a lot less expensive than now having to fix an entire cracked screen.

Attempting an at-home screen replacement could lead to more damage to your device. You may feel like after watching a YouTube video showing how to replace a screen that you are fully trained on how to do so yourself, but this could go terribly wrong if you don’t do it right. If there is no image after screen replacement you may have really damaged your iPhone and now need to contact an Apple certified technician.


All in all, save yourself the cut fingers, spreading cracks on your phone, and damage to your motherboard by contacting a certified Apple technician here at Certified E-Repair to help you resolve your problem. It can be very expensive to go straight to Apple and have one of their technicians support you when there are other professional technicians that can help you fix the problem cheaper. One of these companies includes Certified E-Repair. Contact us today by requesting a quote on our website www.certifiederepair.com.