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Why Won’t Your iPhone Turn On?

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Is your iPhone not turning on even after you’ve charged it?

Don’t assume your phone is a loss just yet.. Take some time out of your day to bring your phone to us at Certified E-Repair so we can figure out what’s going on with your phone. If you are having an issue because your iPhone 5 won’t turn on while charging it could be due to many reasons. Here are some reasons why your iPhone 5 won’t turn on while charging.

  1. Water damage to your phone.

Water damage to your phone can cause numerous problems to your device. One of the main risks you have is damaging your battery and overall logic board. iPhone batteries are not designed to be submerged underwater and it can actually be pretty dangerous to try and charge your phone with water damage to your battery. It is best if you bring your phone in and have it checked for water damage before placing it in a charger.

  1. iPhone is too hot or too cold.

Sometimes if your iPhone has been left in an area that is too hot or too cold you may risk damaging your motherboard. iPhones are unable to function properly when they are placed in dangerous temperatures. There may not be viewable damage done to your device but internal damage has been done and may be the reason why your iPhone 5 won’t turn on while charging.

  1. You may have dropped your phone.

Sometimes even a small drop can be extremely damaging to your iPhone. Even if there is no noticeable damage to your phone screen you may have damaged some part of the internal side of your phone. The logic board is very important in your iPhone and extremely sensitive to damage. If you are concerned you’ve damaged your logic board come in and get it checked out today.


If you are having trouble with getting your iPhone to turn on, it may be due to one of the reasons listed above. It is important to be extremely careful with your iPhone but accidents do happen and we understand. Here at Certified E-Repair, our professionals are trained on fixing any problem and will do our best to save your iPhone.